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Steps for Turning Your Garage into a Home Office


With increasing numbers of people working from home these days, more and more of us are looking for areas in our properties to set up a workspace!

While some people have a spare room they can turn into a home office, if you’re currently stuck trying to focus at the kitchen table while your family whirls around you, it might be time to turn to your garage. These areas can be the perfect spots to convert into a workspace, without having to spend money on adding a whole new wing to your home or an additional outside shed. Here are some steps to help you create the private home office you need in 2020.

Decide What the Space Requires

Think about what you’re going to need in your new space, based on how and when you work. Everyone goes about their workday a little differently. Since you’re starting from scratch with this conversion, you have the chance to plan out a layout that truly works for you. You’ll likely need an area or two for your desk and some tech tools, such as printer/scanner/copier, modem, and paper shredder. You may also require meeting space to interact with current or potential clients, a planning area with lots of natural light for drawing or design work, and plenty of storage room. You might also want to add a mini kitchenette with a sink and bar fridge, so you have everything you need on-site and don’t need to go into the house for breaks.

Set a Budget

It’s wise to set a budget for the conversion work, too, so you don’t go crazy spending big on new office supplies or paying for contractors to turn the garage into a lovely yet unaffordable space. Decide on a total amount you feel comfortable outlaying to turn your garage into a functional and productive home office, and then work back from there to determine appropriate spending on each element. Factor in potential costs like rubbish removal fees and contractor costs, including those from builders, painters, electricians, and plumbers. You may also need to buy new furniture or other supplies for the space to set it up.

Investigate Regulations

To turn your garage into a home office, you may need to obtain permits and take other steps to ensure the space stays compliant with building codes in your location. It’s not always necessary to deal with municipal standards and paperwork, but check before you go ahead with any work; there may be legalities or other regulations that you’re unaware of.

Clear Out Room

If you’re like most people, your garage is probably full of clutter because you’ve used it as a storage space (aka dumping ground) over the years. If so, you’ll need to clear things out to have enough room to turn it into your home office. Don’t just push the stored gear into the corner, either, as seeing this kind of pile will likely distract you every time you’re trying to work. Take everything out of the garage and go through your belongings one by one. Sell or donate anything in decent condition that you no longer have a use for, and bin or recycle the rest. If there are some things you must keep stored in your garage because they’re too big or inappropriate to put inside your home, look at ways to conceal them. For instance, place bikes on racks on the ceiling and install cupboards or shelving to neatly house other items. You can also keep things like tools on pegboards or hooks on one wall.

Examine Practical Needs

Before you start decorating your new work area, consider various practical needs. Once you’ve cleared out your garage, you’ll probably notice issues that need rectifying and some ways in which you can update the space to make it more comfortable. You’ll probably require an electrician’s assistance to ensure you have all the power points, networking connections, security tools, and other electrical facets needed. In particular, ensure the area has plenty of lighting, so you don’t have to squint to work. Consider buying an affordable ceiling fan light kit to act as a cooling product and light in one. If the flooring is currently bare concrete, make it cozier by laying tiles, carpet, lino, vinyl, or other options. You may need to add insulation behind the walls and ceiling and replace windows that don’t seal properly. The room may require plumbing work and removal of pest infestations, too.

A garage can be the perfect spot to set yourself up for all your work-from-home projects. Follow the tips listed above to make the change today.

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How To Decorate A Small Bedroom Easily To Make It Look Bigger?


With winter around the corner and the pandemic situation calling for a regular Work From Home set-up, your modest-sized apartment may begin to seem a little claustrophobic!

Photos By: Unsplash

What was earlier celebrated as a cozy and compact living space could rapidly descend into chaos if you’re not constantly vigilant about removing the clutter and keeping things organized. Smaller sized rooms present unique interior design challenges. “Looking small” can be tackled with a few clever hacks, but “feeling small” depends on how you maintain the room. Most of us tend to crib endlessly about the cramped space problems and decide that there’s nothing to be done about it. The good news is that once you accept and embrace the room’s size, it becomes easy to deal with the issue. 

Easy Decoration Tips For Small Bedrooms

Smart Flooring Solutions: Keep the color neutral, but that doesn’t mean the only options you have are hospital gray or clinical white. Warm tones in wood or stone retain the cozy element. Just make sure that you use large-sized tiles to enhance the visual effect of space. If you’re laying parquet or laminate tiles, the trick is to lay in a diagonal pattern. It instantly tricks the eye into believing that space is larger. Keep as much furniture off the floor as possible. Get furniture with legs and avoid tall, free-standing objects in the room. Finally, try to use the same flooring throughout the house for consistency and a look of a larger floor area

Lighting Options: Using light and shade is a clever approach to small bedroom decoration. Dainty, delicate lighting fixtures that appear to float on the ceiling are a pretty and practical solution. Modern lighting innovations, LED lights, battery-operated sconces, and wall-mounted fixtures placed strategically provided interest, light, and functionality. Use task-lighting for reading or sewing. Textured shades are a great option for small rooms.

Use The Ceiling Judiciously: Professional interior designers consider the ceiling as the fifth wall in the room. Paint the ceiling a slightly darker shade to draw the eye upwards. Install the biggest chunk of your shelving as close to the ceiling as possible, and paint shelves the same color as the walls. Get full-height storage units and keep them narrow to save space. Your ceiling can be transformed into a unique architectural feature using paint, molding, and lighting. Install a skylight if possible, and use the ceiling to floor draperies for vertical effect. 

Mirror Wise: Mirrors reflect and bounce light around the room. You can use them on your wardrobe or bathroom doors to enhance the feeling of space. Install a make-up mirror with lights to boost the glam element in your bedroom. If you have a window, place a mirror directly across it on the opposite wall, and you’ll give the illusion of two windows. Angle mirrors the right for maximum light reflection and expansion of space. Mirrors help to increase the illusion of space if they reflect open yards, corridors, or simply whatever is in the room. 

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10 Christmas Gifts for Home Design Experts


Do you have a loved one that loves interior design? Here are some gift ideas they would love!

Photos By: Unsplash

Gift Idea #1 – A Custom Mug

A Custom Photo Mug could be a great gift idea as a present for home design experts. A completely customized mug can feature any beautiful image of your recipient’s desire. Additionally, each mug can be complimented with text or backgrounds. These easily decorative mugs can also be used as a genuine mug. They can be used in the dishwasher and microwave without any issues at all.

Gift Idea #2 – Christmas-Themed Picture Frame

A Christmas-Themed Picture Frame could be a great gift idea for the winter months because it is perfect as a decorative household item. This specific frame has several lights that flash and it has a frame size of 5 x 7 Inches. This gorgeous picture frame can easily be placed just about anywhere in your house as a decorative item.

Gift Idea #3 – Winter-Themed Pillow Covers

Everyone enjoys some Winter-Themed Pillow Covers during the Christmas holiday because it can bring a nice sense of comfort to your bedroom. These crafty covers spread the cheer of Christmas and they are extremely decorative and creative. These pillows are comfortable, stylish, and extremely cost-effective.

Gift Idea #4 – Christmas Snow Globe

A lot of people are probably going to like this glass decorative Christmas Snow Globe that is perfect for the holiday season. This stylish snow globe is a perfect Christmas gift for anybody that loves to celebrate the holidays during the winter months. This snow globe rotates and plays music to provide some additional fun features for you to experience.

Gift Idea #5 – Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace

An efficient decorative electric fireplace is a great way to improve the theme of your home during the holiday season. Everybody loves to gather around a fireplace on Christmas and there might not be a better gift idea than the Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace.

Gift Idea #6 – Winter Greetings 6-Piece Dinner Plate Set

This premium Winter Greetings 6-Piece Dinner Plate Set is certainly one of the best gifts that you might be interested in buying for a design expert. These decorative plates are gorgeous and stylish with a beautiful winter theme. They will certainly make a great addition to the house and provide a special winter feeling for the holidays.

Gift Idea #7 – Comenzar Flameless Candles

Our seventh gift recommendation will focus on the Comenzar Flameless Candles. These candles are battery-powered and completely flameless. The LED bulbs are inserted within the plastic design to peacefully illuminate small areas and create a peaceful atmosphere in your house. They are an extremely popular gift and it would be perfect for experts that want into decorate their home.

Gift Idea #8 – Sandglass Hourglass Decorative Ornament

This stylish Sandglass Hourglass Decorative Ornament is ultra-lightweight and stylish. It can be used as a traditional household decoration. These types of gifts are extremely popular because they are simple and fun. You also won’t have to break the bank in order to afford this exciting gift.

Gift Idea #9 – Bulova Wall-Mounted Clock

This antique Bulova Wall-Mounted Clock is a beautiful decorative piece that can be wall-mounted. The clock-face is decorated with old-fashioned roman numerals to help tell the current time. The old-fashioned wooden design is perfect for individuals that love to decorate their home with old-fashioned furniture and antique decorative items.

Gift Idea #10 – Happy Trees Wooden Decorative Christmas Train

Our final gift recommendation that you might be interested in buying is this beautiful Happy Trees Wooden Decorative Christmas Train. This is a fantastic seasonal present that can easily be used to improve the winter-theme of your household. We highly recommend this gift specifically for home design experts because it is a great ornament item for the Christmas holiday.

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House Renovations that will Help When Selling


Selling your home is never going to be an easy thing for most of us. Not only will you have probably built years of memories that can be difficult to let go of, but the market has never been more competitive!

All Photos By: Unsplash

With a recession on the cards and a period of low interest across the country, thousands of us are looking to sell our homes right now to take advantage. But other than simply cleaning up and making it look show-home fresh, what home improvements could you be making to add value to your home and make it stand out ahead of the pack?

Colour Your Viewers Impressed

Generally speaking, you’ll want to look at home renovations that are not too specific to your own style and will suit other people just as well. That means, if you have a few rooms with bold and divisive colours on the walls, you might want to get the paintbrush out and redecorate in a colour that’s a little more generic. Remember, you’re not trying to sell them your home, you’re trying to sell them their home.

Take Care of the Little Things

Even if you don’t want to spend hundreds and thousands on the house, there are several small home DIY jobs you can take care of yourself without calling the cavalry. If the taps are dripping, tighten them up and if the walls and ceiling are dirty, mouldy or covered in ripped wallpaper and peeling paint – sort it out! Go around your home with a fine tooth comb and think about what you’d be looking for if you were viewing it. There is truly no job too small!

Underfloor Heating

Nothing says “warm and friendly” home quite like underfloor heating. While it was once a luxury that was only affordable to the very wealthy, underfloor heating is now something that’s enjoyed in thousands of homes across the country and is surprisingly practical to install. Though it’s certainly not something you’d want to do without the help of a professional plumber.

Update What Needs Updating

If your windows are still single-glazed and your doors are falling off the hinges then now is probably the right time to have them replaced with more modern alternatives. The same is also true of your interior design as if it’s looking a little dated it will reflect poorly on the property’s upkeep.

Don’t Neglect the Garden

The garden is often overlooked by homeowners but for viewers, it could be the final link in the chain that seals the deal. We’re not saying you need to get the landscape gardener in or anything, but make sure the grass is freshly mowed, the decking is swept and there are no overgrown trees or bushes to distract viewers from your beautiful and desirable home!

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A 5-Step Guide to Decorating your Condo from Scratch


Decorating your condo the way you want is more than just designing – oh, the possibilities! 

Photos By: Unsplash

Usually, the decor process starts well, until panic strikes and things start to go south. You may want to achieve a Scandi-minimalist vibe that blends in or a vivid bohemian aesthetic that doesn’t seem out of place. The fulfillment of your desires depends on how you approach your condo-decor process. We list down five fail-proof steps to decorating your condo in a way you desire. So, here are the tips:

Step 1: Determine Your Design Style

It’s imperative to understand your style preference before deciding on the furniture. Are you more drawn towards the modern farmhouse vibes or Scandinavian aesthetic? Let your imagination cut loose – until you’re certain about a theme for your space, keep browsing through Pinterest or your favorite home decor magazines. Another good idea is to bring elements from multiple design styles in one place as long as they contribute to aesthetics.

Step 2: Find Your Focal Point

Your new space is jumping off point – that’s what comes after you have figured out your design style. Is there a gorgeous heritage fireplace in your condo? Or does it feature a statement emerald green sofa? How about having a patterned feature wall? When it comes to smaller apartments like open-concept condos, establishing your space’s centerpiece becomes very important. It will be visible from different angles and can speak volumes about your color scheme & the overall furniture layout.

Step 3: Think in Sections

List out different zones of your condo apartment – workspace, kitchen, bedroom, entryway, living room, etc. Then decide various pieces you’ll need for each zone – from appliances to furniture. If a part of your current stock meets your design needs, include it. For the remainder, visit your favorite design stores to make the selection. When investing in furniture, make a list of various available options at various price points. Spend time sifting through options. This will make the purchase process rewarding for you. 

 Step 4: Plant it Out

Now that you’ve made the list, it’s time to refine it by taking measurements to see if the selected items will realistically fit in your condo. Ensure that your Condo space doesn’t look overstuffed. For example, opt for a charming loveseat that will take up less space as compared to a large cabinet that will look out of place. Also, refrain from unnecessary purchases. You don’t need a media stand if you’re not much of a TV viewer. Moreover, don’t forget to leverage the technology. There are utility apps that can virtually assist you in designing your space. Once the plan is finalized and the furniture orders are placed, it’s time to bring the look together. 

 Step 5: Be Patient

Designing and decorating your condo doesn’t happen in a day. Avoid ordering the entire furniture collection all at once just because you can’t wait to make things happen. Try to stick with the essentials first. You can also make a smart selection of furniture purchases. For example, you can do away with the usual bed and go with space-saving murphy bedsThe point is, the most appealing condos are the ones that maintain an authentic vibe while reflecting your personality at the same time. Find closure in scouring local design boutiques on a low-key Sunday or find items that speak to you during your next trip abroad. You will fall in love with your place, every time you look at it. 


You can transform your simple condo into glam-heaven using the right investment and the tips mentioned in this article. Give your condo-decor project a sophisticated spin with the 5-step plan that we have shared with you.

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3 Home Office Lighting Trends that Boost Productivity


More of us are working from home than ever before. And that has created challenges for those of us who are used to buckling down and getting work done at the office!

With the TV around the corner, the kitchen full of snacks, and your comfy bed just a few steps away, it can be tough to maintain your previous levels of productivity. But there are some ways to make your home office a more productive place without adding a cubicle. Lighting plays a huge part in your clarity, focus, and productivity. Certain lighting can make you tired. Other lighting encourages alertness. And some can even inspire you to come up with that promotion-worthy big idea. It’s time to get rid of that old desk lamp and add upgrade your home office with the following lighting trends. They’re guaranteed to give your productivity a big push.

Limit Your Natural Light

Home office design of the past embraced natural light as a productivity-enhancer and a mood-booster. And now, many stay-at-homers are doing the same. After all, what’s better than working by the window and letting the sun’s rays shine on your keyboard-tapping fingers? While this might sound like a great way to work, it could actually be hampering your productivity.

Retro home office design didn’t get it wrong. But it didn’t take computers (and their effects on our eyes) into account. Our computer screens are not as powerful as sunlight. So, their automated brightness detectors compensate for natural light by upping the brightness to full power. You might not notice when your computer does this, but your eyes are having to do a lot more work. This can lead to fatigue pretty quickly. If you work on a computer, restrict the natural light in your home office and replace it with artificial lighting that mimics natural light (like the next trend on this list!). That way, you can enjoy the mood boost of natural light without straining your eyes.

Inspire with Levitating Lights

New ideas inspire big breakthroughs. And there’s no trend in lighting more cutting-edge than levitating lights. These mesmerizing bulbs float freely in midair with the help of electromagnets. It’s not a gimmick or a trick of the eye—it’s real levitation. Our favorite of these new innovations is called Volta. It’s a beautiful levitating lightbulb made from real mahogany wood. Volta is powered by wireless electricity via magnetic induction—a truly forward-thinking trend for your home. It has a professional vibe that lends perfectly to a home office, and it emits a precise color temperature that relieves stress and enhances focus. Volta was designed to inspire, impress, and boost productivity in any setting. Its steady levitating bulb is the embodiment of novel ideas and hard work. And, its natural lighting is easy on the eyes. Volta is both attractive and practical. It fits easily on a desk and turns on with a button-free touch to its base. Thanks to its powerful electromagnets, its levitation power will last forever. And the reinforced bulb contains LED lights with a 20 year lifespan. Maybe the best thing about Volta is that when you go back to the office, you’ll make an instant impression. What client or boss would forget a desk light that floats in midair? Volta’s big launch is coming soon, but you can get yours now for 33% off during the limited launch sale.

Switch to LED Lighting

Normal office lighting is terrible. It’s even been found to increase fatigue and irritability. And your home office lighting probably isn’t much better. LED lighting is a better way to light your home office. Not only is it more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than traditional lighting, but it can also boost your productivity. LEDs have the advantage of being bright but not overpowering. They are one of the closest replacements to natural sunlight, meaning you can enjoy that warm feeling you get from the sun without eye fatigue.

You have a bunch of style choices when it comes to LED lighting too:

  • LED bulbs (like Volta above) are easy and affordable
  • LED track lighting is simple to install pretty much anywhere
  • LED tube lights can replace horrible fluorescent bulbs
  • LED wall lights plug right in for instant positive energy

If you’re looking for a boost of productivity and high design, add some LED pendant lighting to give your home office a Silicon Valley start-up feel.

Shine a Light on Your Productivity  

Whether you love working at home or hate it, you have to admit that it can sometimes be tough to get work done (daytime TV is calling…). Luckily, something as simple as changing a lightbulb can increase your productivity and boost your mood all day. Remember to limit your natural light intake while using your computer. Save the sun for your breaks and lunch hour. And grab an LED bulb like Volta to break the cycle of irritating lighting and inspire you to work harder and smarter.

Increasing your productivity can really be as easy as flipping a switch!


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Why Smart Consumers Look to Ashley Furniture


Buy furniture that stands the test of time. Here’s why Ashley Furniture gives you the most value for your money!

Photos By: Unsplash

Consumers who know the score choose Ashley furniture time and time again. Their reasons should come as no surprise. After all, savvy furniture shoppers want what everyone wants. The only difference between them and a furniture-buying newbie is that they know how to identify and prioritize the essential features of each brand. Here’s why they favor Ashley.

Well-Built Furniture

When you buy Ashley furniture, you get home furnishings that are built to stand the test of time. This is furniture made from durable materials like wood and metal. Ashley combines the newest, modern design and construction with tried and true traditional building techniques like dovetail drawers. And all the designs are engineered to hold up to everyday use for many years.

Luxury and Livability

Consumers today want luxurious homes, but just as always, they also want comfort. Ashley meets both needs. Within the Ashley brand, you’ll find leather living room furniture and soft, tufted fabric upholstered headboards. You’ll discover recliners with deeply cushioned, coiled seats supported by sturdy metal framing. All the brand’s furniture looks beautiful on the outside and feels cozy and comfortable.

Multi-Functional Home Furnishings

Ashley has many different types of furniture that can serve more than one function. A fine example of this is storage furniture. Storage beds, storage ottomans, and sectionals with storage consoles give you extra places to tuck away personal belongings, out of sight yet always handy. Extendable tables offer cozy dining for two or enough seating space for a crowd. Multi-functional furniture is excellent for small homes, but it’s also perfect for anyone who wants to get the most out of every item they buy.

Suitable to Today’s Needs

Life is ever-changing, and Ashley’s furniture has risen to the occasion every time. These days, people are working from home more than ever before. Ashley has everything you need to set up a comfortable home office where you can be your most productive. With Ashley’s desks, bookcases, office chairs, cabinets, and credenzas, you can put together the office of your dreams. Another example of meeting today’s needs is furniture that has USB ports in nightstands or sofa consoles for charging your electronics while you sleep or relax.

Available for Easy Online Shopping and Delivery

In recent years, more and more consumers have confined their shopping to online stores. A wide array of Ashley furniture is available online. So, you can browse to your heart’s content, buy what you like, and have it delivered directly to your home in very short order.


You can’t talk about what consumers want without discussing price. Here, again, Ashley’s furniture makes the grade. This brand has excellent furniture yet offers outstanding low prices. And, if you shop the right online furniture store, you can get additional breaks with coupons and discounts to bring your cost down even more.

Ashley furniture satisfies the needs and tastes of consumers everywhere. For all the above reasons as well as many others, you can’t go wrong when you shop for this fantastic brand.

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8 Simple Ways to Make Your Hallway Look More Expensive


Hallways are one of the first things a guest sees when they come through your door. Make them look impressive!

Photos By: Unsplash

Our hallways are the first thing that we see when we come into our homes. They are the last thing that we see when we close the door. We keep important things, like our coats, shoes, bags and keys in the hall, and yet we pay very little attention to them. You might spend time and money on other areas of your house, and yet see this important space as little more than a dumping ground, especially if you have a busy family who is always in and out. Your hallway, however, doesn’t just welcome you home. It also gives visitors – and even people looking in from your doorstep – their first impression of your house, and as we know, poor first impressions can be hard to recover from. Making your hallway look more expensive can help you to make a better first impression, as well as giving yourself and other members of your household a more luxurious welcome. After you have tidied up, and added coat hooks and shoe racks, here’s a look at eight of the best ways to make your hallway look more expensive.

Start at the Door

Your door is your first chance to make a statement. You barely pay it any attention, but you use it every time you enter or leave your home, you can see it from the hall, and passers-by can see it from the kerb. A great front door, both inside and out, can make your whole home more attractive, and more interesting. If your front door is currently the same as every other house on your street, it’s time to make a change. Think colour, consider a vintage door, or try a totally different design with unique elements. Then, keep it clean.

Create a Statement Staircase

At one end of your hallway, there is a door, and at the other end (or off to the side) there is typically a staircase. Your staircase isn’t just a way to get up the stairs. It takes up a big part of your home, and it’s the perfect place to add some glamour and luxury, and considering most stairways are similar, it’s a great way to stand out and make an impression. Think spiral staircases with an impressive balustrade. Consider using tiles, instead of carpet, and even adding fun wallpaper to the sides of the steps to create images when looking head-on. If you are looking to add a new staircase to your home, look no further than Majestic Stairs. Majestic Stairs can fit new staircases to suit your home and décor and add a little luxury to your home for a reasonable cost, without too much disruption to your life.

Add Plants and Flowers to Your Décor

Plants and flowers are one of the cheapest ways to make your hallway look more expensive. Add house plants and large potted plants to your hallway, and buy fresh flowers for shelves and sideboards.

Utilise Shelving

It’s easy for hallways to become messy. If you are in the habit of just dumping your bag and coat when you get in, adding shelves can give you a better way to accessorise, but also make it much easier to keep your hall tidy.

Use Mirrors to Open Up the Space

If you’ve got a wide hallway, you can add shelving, shoe racks, hooks and large plant pots, while still having an open and airy space. But, if your hall is relatively narrow, adding furniture and accessories might make the space feel very closed in and small, which never looks expensive. Using light colours on your floor and walls, with pops of colour in your accessories will work well, but well-positioned large mirrors, especially near your door and windows to reflect light, can also help.

Don’t Be Scared to Add Personality

Often, when we try to make a room look more expensive, we avoid taking risks. We stick to classic designs and copy things that we’ve seen on Instagram. Adding personality helps your hall to become unique and interesting, which in turn is expensive looking. Add photos in frames, artwork that you like and accessories and colours that make you happy.

Use Lights to Create Drama

If you are worried that your hallway is becoming dull, add lighting. A large overhead light can create a focal piece, and lamps can help you to create mood and atmosphere.

Avoid Overcrowding

Trying to do it all can be a mistake. If your hallway is tiny, trying to add too much, even on the walls, can make it overcrowded. Choose pieces carefully, be smart with storage and make sure you can keep things tidy effectively.

There are many advantages to a tidy and attractive hallway, and often, it’s not that hard to achieve. Making a few small changes can make a world of difference.

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Old and Broken Office Items That You Can Do Without


Every once in a while, you will redo your office and give it a makeover because it was long overdue!

Photos By: Unsplash

During decoration or relocation, one must try to haul and get rid of as many things as possible. Why? Because it’s time to do away with all the office accessories that are clogging your desks and cabinets. With regular vetting and junk cleanouts, you can recycle, get a better deal, and achieve a cleaner workplace for your employees. Here are a few ways to go about this:

How Does it Help?

Over time, you will be able to notice the negative impact of accumulating junk on your employees. Also, the more rubbish is added to an office, the lesser space to store newer and important files, documents, and books. Your employees shouldn’t have to worry about overflowing piles of unused electronics hindering their job. Some of the leading service providers for junk removal in Venice, Florida, recommend cleaning up office space regularly. And here’s how you can get started.

1. Say Goodbye to Old Furniture 

Doesn’t every office have that one chair or couch that no one uses? It’s time to get rid of it and soon. If you have old or broken furniture lying around in your office, you could save space by hauling it off. Any junk removal company will be able to help you in replacing and disposing of furniture like desks, cabinets, etc. The metal, plastic, or wood in the furniture can be separated, recycled, and reused in multiple ways. However, you’re going to need some help and it’s always advisable to get a professional’s advice while clearing stuff. 

2. Recycle Old Computers – It’s for the Best!

You know you have excess junk when there are way too many office computers from the early 2000’s lying in the office and you have no idea what to do with them. Well, here’s what you can do. Instead of throwing them away, you can always recycle and repurpose PCs and their parts. They will go through different stages of disposal and sorting. This will ensure a cleaner office and maybe you could salvage some functional parts to make some easy bucks.

3. Removing Pallets – Why are There so Many?

You can always find a collection of pallet junk in your storage or reserve rooms. These pallets could become a problem that should be dealt with and disposed of immediately. Make sure your back rooms and trash cans are clean. 

4. Too Many Electronics = Too Little Space

Offices that use a lot of devices and electronics are bound to have older and spare electronics collected on the shelves or cabinets. It’s a lesser-known fact that even storing these devices could be harmful because of the dangerous materials they contain. Some of the broken and unused spare parts of devices like scanners, fax machines, etc can be useful in a recycling center where they will be further refurbished and recycled properly.

5. Printers that never work

The ancient printer that’s always lying around in your office can now finally be of use. You may think a traditional printer is practically useless and try to sell it off at a lower price but the parts of a printer are more useful to you than you may think. You can sell these printers to a recycling facility. They will extract materials like lead, chromium, cadmium, lithium ions, etc, and plastics from printers that can be reused after they have gone through the purification process. This way, you can make a profit in an eco-friendly way.


Every once in a while, hiring rubbish removal services can ensure a smooth junk removal process to make your office a much better space and efficiently remove the waste.

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How to Easily Change Your Interior Design for Better


Interior design is a reflection of your sensibilities and taste. It’s one of the few things that says volumes about you without you having to speak a word!

Photos By: Unsplash

Once somebody sees the interior of your home, they’ll immediately know the kind of attention to detail you put into the things that you care about. That’s huge. But sometimes styles wane and seasons change. At a certain point, you’ve got to change it up. When this time comes around, you can either haul everything to Goodwill and start from scratch (there are cases like this), or you can put a few good detail changes in place and bring out a massive pop by tweaking some key things. Here’s how you can do it. 

Fresh Paint 

The biggest thing you can do to a room, short of overhauling the furniture is to paint it a new color. Giving that room a completely new character by adding a fresh coat of paint is so simple, yet so effective. You can keep the themes you already have in place, too. Color is the context for which the players in your design can present itself. If they’ve been on the stage of greens for a decade, maybe earthier tones or a warm cream might change the mood. The kind of paint you use matters, as well. There’s a series, the Marquee Behr, an interior eggshell enamel, that delivers what it promises. That kind of pigment is a higher-end product. If that’s the kind of detail you want in your home, that class of paint is what you should aim for. After all, it’s going to last you years.

Play With Lighting 

Playing with light sources is traditionally an artist’s playground as a proof of concept. You can apply this kind of artistry in your living space quite easily. Drapes and other window treatments come in and out of style, but most people put them in for privacy. Swap them out or completely change them. Find ways to bring in the light and manipulate its intensity through new, thoughtful means. Whether it be a transition film, you have installed or rearranged furniture to match when an area comes in contact with light, playing with that natural source is a fun way to experiment with your interiors. 

Add Art 

Those who are fans of interior design are inadvertently fans of art in general. When we talk in design circles, there’s always mention of bare walls. A bare wall is such a waste of good real estate. You might as well fill it with something beautiful. Invest in originals and prints from your favorite artists. Or you can find a tremendous classic. There are sketches made by Pablo Picasso that are surprisingly affordable. Other massively prolific artists have volumes of work that you can buy in auction or online from a reputable collector. Suppose it appreciates, even better. Do it for the walls, but as an investment, it also bears considering. 

Simple changes in your interior design are as simple as adding, subtracting, and re-painting. There are so many combinations you can work with. The feeling of a blank canvas can be overwhelming sometimes. But with a bit of focus and some premier paint cans, you can turn any room brand new.