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Dusting & De-furring the Furniture


The cloth furniture in our homes sees a great amount of traffic and a great deal of wear and tear. And just like the floors, picture frames, kitchen, and bathrooms in our home, the sofas and armchairs we still in need upkeep to keep them in tip-top shape! Dust settles onto our furniture, and if we have pets fur collets onto the furniture as well. If we don’t take care of it, it can become quite an unsightly mess.

But how do we go about keeping the furniture clean, especially with so much dust and pet hair that makes the task all the more difficult? The first step is obviously assessing the sort of surface that you’re cleaning. Is your sofa cloth or leather? If it’s leather, it only needs a simple wipe down—with clean rags and an all-natural cleaner; but cleaning dust and fur out of cloth furniture is much more involved.

Choosing Your Method of Attack

There are a few tools out there that can help you “dust” your cloth sofas and armchairs. Small, whisk brooms and (surprisingly) shower squeegees are great tools for cleaning the furniture. The purpose of the whisk broom is to work up the dust, and it can pull fur out of the fabric weave. The squeegee is helpful for pulling fur off of the fabric, and it can cover a greater area than the smaller whisk broom. The only downside of a squeegee is that it doesn’t get up dust from the fabric. You can decide which to use for your cleaning method: one or the other, or both!

Whisking the Sofa

It’s very simple using the whisk broom on the sofa or armchair. To begin, pull the whisk broom across the fabric, from top to bottom. Once you get to the seat, whisk this, and then the foot. Then begin the next section again, working from one side to the other in small sections. Use enough strength to adequately pull out dust and fur. If there’s a lot of fur in the weave, pull up the hair that builds up as you go.

Using the Squeegee

If you decide to try using a squeegee to pull off the fur, work in sections (from top to bottom, from one side to the other) again. But pull the squeegee across the fabric slowly with a little more strength than the whisk broom. The fur should pull of easily. The squeegee, while great for pulling off hair and fur, it won’t be adequate for dusting.

After you’ve finished, quickly vacuum the floors around the sofas and chairs to pick up any loose dust or clumps of fur that have been pulled off. This nifty cleaning hack is the perfect way to shape up the cloth furniture in your home with confidence and ease!

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Should I Clean the Laundry Room?


We don’t see the laundry rooms very often, except when we go to store clothes, cleaning supplies, or to clean our family’s clothes. Laundry rooms store so many supplies, different odds and ends, and they are built to clean and to house things of a cleaning nature. With how many loads of laundry they handle, it’s no wonder when we realise that laundry rooms need to be cleaned, too!

But How do You Clean a Laundry Room?

Laundry rooms are certainly unique to approach when they need cleaning. They can’t exactly be cleaned the way we clean kitchens, bedrooms, living spaces, or bathrooms. But a little bit of careful, creative thinking can help us navigate the best path for cleaning these rooms.

The first thing to go about is gathering all the tools that you will need for cleaning the laundry room. We recommend the following tools:

  • all purpose cleaner
  • clean rags
  • dusters
  • broom
  • mop

Cleaning the laundry room applies a lot of techniques that we’ve talked about on this blog before (i.e. dusting techniques, mopping, etc.) Begin at the entry to the laundry room, and dust the door thoroughly (from top to bottom), using firm stokes. Don’t flick the dust around since this might spread it back onto something previously cleaned. Dusting top to bottom will pull off the dust to the floor where it can easily be swept away. Move to the right once you’ve finished the door. You can dust the baseboards, picture frames, and anything that you come across. Just keep working to the right, from top to bottom.

When you get to the washer and dryer, dust or wipe down anything that might be above the units. Then, give your washer and dryer a quick check. Is it dusty, or does it need wiped down? Every unit is different; some of them have a lot of lint dust built up on them, while others have soapy spots on them that need wiped off. If it just needs a quick dusting, do this. But if it needs a wipe down, spray the units down with the cleaner. Then, take one of the clean rags and wipe down the unit. It’s better to work from back to front. Place the neatly folded rag firmly on the surface at the back edge, then pull towards yourself. These firm motions should pull off the dust and soapy scum. Work from one side to the other, until you’ve completely wiped down the surface. If the front doors of the laundry units need wiped down as well, do so.

Once you’ve finished the units, keep dusting and cleaning to the right until you complete your circle at the door. Then, sweep the floor and mop your way out. Since laundry rooms are small, it is a quick process once you get a handle on the best methods for cleaning laundry rooms!

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Cleaning With Detail


We’ve shared many times about the importance of cleaning. It’s something we’re enthusiastic about. A clean home helps us keep peace of mind, and continually cleaning makes it easier to keep up with the chores. It’s good for our health, and it’s even helpful in reducing our allergies. Cleaning is important.

Sometimes, however, cleaning well takes more than just a simple, quick wipe down of surfaces. It’s important to also clean things around the home with detail.

Initially, yes, cleaning with detail takes more time; but the end result is a home that looks the cleanest it can possibly be! And this makes the subsequent cleanings easier; maintaining the level of detail you want for your home will be easy. It won’t take nearly as much time to clean afterwards, even if you are looking for those little details. The initial build-up of spots, grime, dust, and dirt in a home is what takes the longest to clean. Afterwards, it’s a breeze cleaning with detail.

What You can Do to Prepare for Detailing Your Home

So, what are the practical ways to prepare for detailing your home? You’ll need your normal cleaning supplies (whatever logically applies to the room(s) you’re going to clean), and perhaps a few extra tools: an old toothbrush and a small scraper. Be sure to keep a few clean rags around as well!

The most important thing you’ll need for your detailed cleaning to-do list is time. It might not be something that you get through quickly. But, the more effort we put into a project initially, the more results we see. Whenever you decide to clean, be sure that you have enough time to not feel rushed!

Helpful Rules for Detailed Cleanings

It’s impossible to cover every scenario for every possible room in any given situation. However! There are plenty of guidelines that you can adjust for your home.

Always remember to clean from top to bottom. Haphazardly cleaning, pulling off dust and dirt onto something you’ve just cleaned won’t leave your rooms looking very pristine. Spot clean as you wipe things down. Scrub around the base of faucets and handles. Use your old toothbrush to scrub in the tight crevices to get up the dirt there. Another tip is to wipe up spots and drips immediately. This prevents them from building up and becoming a larger mess to clean up. Wipe up finger prints on doors, cabinets, doors, and light switch plates. After you’ve finished a room, sweep, mop, or vacuum your way out! This will pick up anything that might have fallen onto the floor.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it’s absolutely enough for readers to get an idea of the places and areas they should be cleaning around the homes. Simple things like these will greatly improve how our homes look, making them feel impeccably clean.

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Cleaning Aprons: What are the Pros?


Having an organised cleaning routine can benefit us in many ways. Cleaning aprons help us stay organised, and staying organised while we clean is a great way to improve the speed by which we clean.

It might seem like an odd choice, using a cleaning apron just to clean our own homes—maybe once a week. But it’s a very simple tool, keeping our essential cleaning tools close at hand. This makes it so much easier for us to clean when we don’t have to go far for a duster, rag, or our cleaners.

Looking for the Right Apron

There are hundreds of different apron designs out there. It’s important that your cleaning apron suits you and your individual needs. Before you settle on one design—unless you just happen to stumble on the perfect one right away—it’s a smart idea to thoroughly research your options!

There are a few features that a great cleaning apron should have. These features will benefit your cleaning routine and insure your cleaning becomes as effortless as possible. What are those features? Well, two very important features that every good cleaning apron should have are multiple pockets (of various sizes) and a loop on either hip.

The loops on the hips are perfect for holding your bottles of cleaner while you move about the house (just make sure the tops are screwed on tightly enough!). Keeping your cleaners looped on your hand’s dominant side. If you’re right handed, keep it on your right hip, and if you’re left handed, keep it on your left hip.

Pockets (of all sizes) are important, too. Tuck your most used tools into the pockets, and organise them so that you can grab them and replace them easily. This might look a little different for every individual; just tinker with the arrangement of your pockets until you’re completely satisfied with the results.

Take your apron for a test drive, and see how having all of your most vital tools on your person helps your cleaning routine! Hopefully, it will benefit you: saving you time and making it easier to be organised. Make any adjustments to the apron after using it.

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Cleaning Your Lightbulbs is a Bright Idea!


There are always extra little things we can do around the house. Cleaning these little things make a huge difference, and it gives our homes an extra shine. There’s no end to the extra upkeep and those extra touches that we can use to up our cleaning game.

So, what about lightbulbs? They can definitely be a magnet for dust, and if they collect dust for too long, they can look unsightly.

Clean Your Lightbulbs Once a Year

Cleaning the lightbulbs in your home at least once a year can benefit the cleanliness of your home. While it’s a very small item to check off the spring-cleaning list, the effort can still make a difference in a room. Here are a few things to gather for cleaning your home’s lightbulbs.

  • several clean rags
  • an all-natural cleaner
  • a clean microfibre

Important Things to Remember when Cleaning Lightbulbs:

  • clean lightbulbs during the day while there is plenty of daylight
  • never spray cleaner on a hot lightbulb

These two tips go hand in hand. Spraying cleaner on a warm or hot bulb risks the bulb popping and causing injury. This is why we recommend cleaning with plenty of light. Only clean the lightbulbs in your home while there is natural lighting for you to see by. If the room with the lightbulbs you are cleaning has very little natural light, bring in an extra light to aid you. And if someone has previously been in the room with the lights on for a lengthy amount of time, shut off the lights and let them cool down completely before beginning.

Once you’re ready to start, bring all of your supplies to the bulbs you intend to clean. Spray the lightbulbs with just enough spray to loosen the baked-on dust. If it needs to sit for a few minutes to soak, give it the right amount of time. Then, you can take one of your clean rags and begin to gently wipe the dust from the surface of the lightbulb. Wipe off all of the dust, and then use the microfiber to polish and dry the lightbulb. It’s that easy!

Cleaning lightbulbs is one of the quickest and simplest tasks when it comes to our spring-cleaning list. So, take a few minutes out of your day, and wipe down those lightbulbs!

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Avoiding Unsafe Cleaning Habits


After the outbreak of COIVD-19, keeping our homes sanitary and clean has been high on the priority list for many of us. In early March, cleaning products flew off the shelf, and it seemed as if everyone everywhere was keenly aware of the need to keep our homes sanitised and clean.

But in the rush to keep our homes clean, protect our loved ones from sickness, and prevent the spread of COVID-19, it’s still important that we don’t form unsafe habits while using household cleaners. Household cleaners can be misused, even though they do provide essential cleaning power. What is the answer then? Cleaning the surfaces in our home, regularly, seems to be a good idea— if not incredibly important. But how do we prevent viruses like COVID in our homes without exposing ourselves to the risks of chemical cleaners?

Use Cleaning Products Responsibly

It is very possible to risk our health by using cleaning products incorrectly. In a survey taken by the CDC, it was revealed that 39% of adults in the U.S. (intending to prevent COVID-19) were using cleaning products incorrectly, unhealthily, and even dangerously. In many instances, the cleaners were being ingested, inhaling the vapours, or misting their body with the cleaners. Careless handling of chemical cleaners can cause a great deal of damage to a person’s lungs or skin; but with a great deal of care, these cleaners don’t have to harm you or anyone in your home at all.

Of course, at Maid to Shine, we always recommend using 100% natural and safe cleaners. The health risks that come from using chemical, household cleaners are one of the many reasons why we highly recommend using all natural, green products.

However, if you decide to use any sort of chemical cleaner, take plenty of extra precautions to keep yourself as healthy as possible!

  • be sure there is plenty of ventilation in the room where you are cleaning.
  • use disposable gloves when handling something with the cleaner on it
  • never ingest a chemical cleaner
  • do not use chemical cleaners to sanitise your person
  • or switch to safe, all-natural cleaners

Using chemical cleaners safely is definitely a hassle and a hazard, and it’s easy to see why Maid to Shine recommends all-natural cleaners!

Consider Green Alternatives

If you’re concerned about the risks that chemical, household cleaners pose to your health, you don’t have to compromise. You can safely sanitise your home without exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals, and while using them you don’t have to take the extra precautions like you would if using chemical cleaners! Green, all-natural cleaners are a viable alternative. Green products are a great sanitising option, and the good news is that they really do work! If you don’t know whether or not a product is actually all natural and safe, look for the Green Seal logo. The Green Seal is a non-profit organisation whose main goal is to help customers determine whether or not the products they use are officially, 100% green and all-natural. Looking for the seal, or run a quick Google search of the product to see if Green Seal approves it.

While protecting yourself from COVID, safety is paramount—both in avoiding the virus and in keeping yourself safe from harmful chemicals. A little bit of forethought, extra precaution, and extra sanitising can keep your family healthy and well.

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Cleaner Kitchen Countertops


Our kitchen countertops are something we clean multiple times a day. With how often we prepare meals in there, it’s an important step to keep everything (especially on kitchen counter tops) sanitary. Sometimes, no matter how frequently or how often we wipe down the counter tops, after we’ve used them, it seems as if there are always remaining crumbs and spots in places we thought we already cleaned.

The wonderful secret is, we don’t have to compromise our kitchen countertops! There’s a handy, efficient way to clean our countertops and get every crumb and spot lurking there: and this method helps prevent build up from coming into our kitchen.

The Best Wipe Down for Your Countertops

The following are the tools and steps you can take to routinely and effectively clean your kitchen countertops. Before beginning, be sure to gather the following tools:

  • Multiple, clean rags
  • An all purpose cleaner
  • A scrubbie
  • A clean microfiber cloth

To begin wiping down your countertops, gather all of your tools to the section of the counter where you would like to begin. Clear off the section by putting all of the appliances and other odds and ends to the side. Removing everything allows you to be able to clean the countertop thoroughly, without leaving crumbs behind because you had to work around something on the counter.

Once you’ve removed everything from the section of the counter, spray down the surface (from back to front) with your all purpose cleaner. If there is any sticky spots, build up, or grime, use your scrubbie to work them up. Begin in the back, rubbing the scrubbie in circular motions, from one side to the other, and then work your way from back to front. Gently scrubbing the entire surface area will work up any grime, dirt, or sticky spots that would have been on the surface.

Next, take one of your clean rags, and fold it up neatly into a square. Begin at the back once again, and firmly wipe (from back to front) any of the crumbs or debris that got worked up from being scrubbed. Your wiping motions should be fluid and firm. Pull the rag from the back of the counter to the edge, pulling any crumbs into your hand. Continue this pattern from one side of the other, and try not to miss any part of the counter. Wiping it down like this will dry the counter.

All that is left, now, is to buff out the surface with a clean microfiber. Folding the cloth into a neat square, buff out the surface. Work the cloth in a circular motion from one side to the other, from back to front. Once you’ve buffed out your counter, you can replace the items you removed, and move on to the next section of counter. Be sure that you don’t over extend yourself and clean too much of the surface at once. It’s better to clean a smaller section at a time.

And just like that, your kitchen countertops are beautifully clean! Using these little tricks will help you every day when it comes to wiping down the countertops in your kitchen.

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Pro-tips for Hard to Scrub Spots


Here at Maid to Shine, we talk quite a bit about the importance of wiping down furniture and other things around our homes to get up grime and built on dust. We all know it’s not always possible to dust to get things clean. Hand wiping is a great method to have handy. But sometimes even hand wiping isn’t enough to get up grime, or the spots don’t want to come up easily.

What should be done when you run into this situation? How do you get spots (large or small) that won’t come up when you wipe it down by hand?

The Right Tools for the Job

Going further than hand wiping items around your home is a pretty easy task, as long as you have the right tools for it. You’ll need the tools you typically need for hand wiping (clean rags, an all purpose cleaner, etc.) and then these additional tools:

  • a scrubbie
  • a scraper

Looking at the surface of counter tops, cupboards, doors, and even the floors in your house, it can be a little tricky discerning whether or not spots need to be wiped or scrubbed. The best way to tell (generally), is to hand wipe normally, and if there are specific areas that seem to be harder to wipe up, that is when you can use the scrubbie or scraper to get the spots up.

Which Tool is Best: Scrubbie or Scraper?

Both have their merits, and it depends on how hard, rough, sticky or grimy the spot is. Some of the harder spots can be tackled with a scrubbie, but some of them might need to be gently scraped up with the scraper. If you ever find yourself unsure, just test out the spot with the scrubbie first. If it comes up, then the scrubbie is the right choice, but if it’s still coming up with difficulty, then you might have to use the scraper.

When it comes to using both the scrubbie and scraper, take enough precaution to not scratch the surfaces. It’s best not to use either tool on plastic surfaces. The scraper shouldn’t be used on stainless steel or painted surfaces. It can scratch both. If you are every unsure about whether or not to use the scrubbie and scraper on a surface, gentle pressure works very well. It can ease up the spot without damaging the surface, and letting the spots you’re scrubbing up soak a little bit will help as well.

After a while, getting up hardened spots of food and debris around your home won’t be a problem! Using a scrubbie and scraper as a secret tool can benefit your cleaning and hand wiping regime. It will make it easier for you to get spots up, and it will help your home look thoroughly clean and spotless.

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When Dusting Isn’t Enough


Dusting, as a part of our regular cleaning habit, is a good practice, but dusting only maintains objects. It isn’t meant to deep clean, and day-to-day dusting doesn’t work up the dust that has settled down into the grooves and surface of your household items.

Sometimes, what’s needed is a good, deep and detailed cleaning. Hand wiping is a great way to deep clean your home when dusting just doesn’t cut it! It takes a great deal of self discipline, time, and effort to deep clean and hand wipe objects around your home. But getting that thin layer of built on grime off of your lamps, doors, cupboards, and knickknacks is a worthwhile effort!

Preparing for a Deep Clean

It’s very important to prepare and plan for a deep clean. Deep cleaning typically takes more time than  regular, routine cleanings. Make a list of all the items that need to be hand wiped and deep cleaned in your home. If you’re pressed for time, prioritise the list from most to least important, and then schedule and set aside enough time to actually deep clean.

It’s a good idea to also keep on hand the cleaning supplies you use as you deep clean. You’ll need the following:

  • multiple, clean rags
  • an all purpose cleaner (preferably all natural)
  • a scrubbie
  • microfibre

Go around to the places in your home that need the most attention. Use the cleaner to spray, thoroughly, the item you are deep cleaning. Let is soak for a little bit so that it’s easier to work up the grime and the dust. After you’ve let it soak for an appropriate amount of time, use one of the clean rags to begin wiping off the layers of dust and grime. You may need to use multiple rags, depending on the size of what you are cleaning and how much dirt it has gathered over time.  Once you’ve finished wiping off all of the dirt, consider using a microfibre to polish up the piece and snag any remaining bits of loose dirt.

For the stubborn spots you may come across, you can use the scrubbie to work up the dirt. Don’t scrub so hard, however, that you scratch up the surface beneath.

Continue wiping things down through the entire house. Depending on the amount of dirt and dust on the objects in your home, it might be a time consuming project. The important thing to remember is to keep with it. If you have to, you can even divide it up over the space of a few days, so that you don’t burn out while deep cleaning your home.

After this, your home and living spaces will be significantly cleaner. Cleaning isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon; and the time it takes to detail and scrub your home will leave you feeling satisfied.

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Tidying Up Kitchen Cupboards


When tidying up the kitchen, we’re quick to wipe down the stove and counter surfaces. We might even think about wiping down items we keep on top of these spaces, but what about the fronts of cupboards and cabinets? We touch the surfaces of these items a million times, but we never think about sanitising them and wiping them down—at least, we don’t too often.

Our personal cleaning routine (and professional cleanings, too!) are spruced up with a regular wipe down of cabinet surfaces! Grease, handprints, fingerprints, and smudges gather in these locations—particularly around the handles we routinely touch. Taking the time to wipe them away to keep our kitchens germ free and looking cleaner is an important task to keep up with!

What You Will Need

Whether or not you intend to use this advice for yourself and your home or cleaning homes as a maid service, these tips will transform the appearance of a kitchen and get it much cleaner than it was before! But to clean and sanitise the cupboard you’ll only need a few, common cleaning objects:

· cleaning rags

· a degreasing and sanitising cleaner

· a scrubbie

Wiping down the kitchen cupboards is a simple, easy task. It doesn’t take too much strength, and it isn’t a particularly time-consuming task. Taking your chosen cleaner (we heartily recommend using an all-natural, green cleaner!), thoroughly spray the surface of the cupboard. Let the cleaner soak into the grease and grime for a few seconds to loosen it.

Once the grime and dirt has loosened thoroughly enough, take one of the clean rags and begin wiping down the surface of the cupboard. Work up any visible stains and dirt. It’s also important to wipe down the entire surface so that it’s sanitised and free from germs. Even if you can’t visibly see dirt on the surface, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t germs and various bacteria lurking there. Wiping down surfaces to kill germs in the kitchen is important, especially since food and drinks are prepared there on a daily basis!

If you find any particles of food that don’t want to wipe up easily, use your scrubbie to gently work it up. If the cabinet is painted, be sure to scrub it off gently so that you don’t pull any of the paint off. Continue cleaning all of the cabinets in your kitchen this way, and this method even works well for bathroom cabinets, too.

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