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Dusting & De-furring the Furniture


The cloth furniture in our homes sees a great amount of traffic and a great deal of wear and tear. And just like the floors, picture frames, kitchen, and bathrooms in our home, the sofas and armchairs we still in need upkeep to keep them in tip-top shape! Dust settles onto our furniture, and if we have pets fur collets onto the furniture as well. If we don’t take care of it, it can become quite an unsightly mess.

But how do we go about keeping the furniture clean, especially with so much dust and pet hair that makes the task all the more difficult? The first step is obviously assessing the sort of surface that you’re cleaning. Is your sofa cloth or leather? If it’s leather, it only needs a simple wipe down—with clean rags and an all-natural cleaner; but cleaning dust and fur out of cloth furniture is much more involved.

Choosing Your Method of Attack

There are a few tools out there that can help you “dust” your cloth sofas and armchairs. Small, whisk brooms and (surprisingly) shower squeegees are great tools for cleaning the furniture. The purpose of the whisk broom is to work up the dust, and it can pull fur out of the fabric weave. The squeegee is helpful for pulling fur off of the fabric, and it can cover a greater area than the smaller whisk broom. The only downside of a squeegee is that it doesn’t get up dust from the fabric. You can decide which to use for your cleaning method: one or the other, or both!

Whisking the Sofa

It’s very simple using the whisk broom on the sofa or armchair. To begin, pull the whisk broom across the fabric, from top to bottom. Once you get to the seat, whisk this, and then the foot. Then begin the next section again, working from one side to the other in small sections. Use enough strength to adequately pull out dust and fur. If there’s a lot of fur in the weave, pull up the hair that builds up as you go.

Using the Squeegee

If you decide to try using a squeegee to pull off the fur, work in sections (from top to bottom, from one side to the other) again. But pull the squeegee across the fabric slowly with a little more strength than the whisk broom. The fur should pull of easily. The squeegee, while great for pulling off hair and fur, it won’t be adequate for dusting.

After you’ve finished, quickly vacuum the floors around the sofas and chairs to pick up any loose dust or clumps of fur that have been pulled off. This nifty cleaning hack is the perfect way to shape up the cloth furniture in your home with confidence and ease!

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Removing Pet Hair


Pet hair all over the house for pet owners is a constant battle. We love our furry friends, but making sure that our house doesn’t suffer as a result can be a challenge. Having the best maid service in town can be a huge help in keeping our houses fur-free, but there are still several tricks you can use to help keep your home clean.

Dust Thoroughly and Often

Using the right tools to dust your living spaces and bedrooms can go a long way in creating a cleaner, pet-hair free environment. Sometimes, pet hair travels and floats through the air much like dust, and it settles on other objects, even the spaces where your pets can’t get to. Be mindful of these areas, corners, nooks, and surfaces. Dust them frequently and dust them well so that pet hair is brought to the floor where it can be vacuumed or swept up. If the hair doesn’t like to come off and still clings to the shelves or the sides of furniture, using micro fibre clothes can help pull it off completely.

Vacuum Frequently

Vacuum your floors and the furniture every other day if you find that it really helps. Frequently vacuuming so that the pet hair doesn’t settle too deeply into the carpet is important as well. Get under tables, desks, and move the big furniture once every blue moon so that the pet hair doesn’t collect for too long on the carpet in those spaces.

Utilise Vacuum Attachments

Vacuum your cloth furniture, such as couches, chairs, recliners etc. Keeping the fur off of these items makes an impact on the cleanliness of your home. But be sure to fully utilise your vacuum’s attachments to do so. Use them to get the tight edge of the baseboards, to pull fur out of the cloth

Sweep and Mop Thoroughly

If you have hard floors, regularly mopping and sweeping them is similarly as important as vacuuming the carpet. Throughly sweep the floors several times (if needed), getting up all the fur you possibly can. Sometimes it’s helpful to attach a micro fibre cloth to the mop head, running it flat against the floor, and using it to pick up the last stray bits of pet hair the broom might have missed. After a detailed sweep, mop the floors to get them shining. It will probably pick up even more pet fur. Mopping a second time, if it looks as if your floor needs it, will be the final touch to have fur-free floors!

Removing pet hair from your home is a cinch with these nifty little tricks. Practicing them regularly and making them frequent, weekly habits can do wonders for your home!

The post Removing Pet Hair appeared first on Maid to Shine | Your Best & Local House Cleaning Colorado Springs.